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International cooperation today plays an essential role in the life of the University. The university is set to a rapid growth, the development of high-quality service levels and struggling for the title of The Best in its field. Under conditions of high competition the university has a number of goals of which achievement is carried out by successful implementation of the Bologna process principles. International cooperation is one of the main components of the process. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University aims at the development of international activities in higher health education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, integration into the world educational and scientific world through the transition from the national to the international level. International cooperation is an integral part of the University and an important mechanism in ensuring the education quality and its compliance with international standards in the training of competitive professionals needed in the labor market of the republic and abroad. Department of International Cooperation was established in 2008, carries out its activities to develop the external relations with foreign universities, scientific and medical centres, pharmaceutical organisations in priority areas of the development of education and healthcare of the country in accordance with the strategic objectives of the development of international cooperation of the university. The main objective of the Department is the integration of the university in the international academic world, increasing the competitiveness of the University on the world market of educational services, contribution to the promotion of quality education, clinical and research activities at the level of the modern global requirements.
The main tasks of the Department is to identify priority areas for international cooperation, long-term planning of international relations of the University with foreign partners from among the TOP 500 world rankings, search and selection of partners to establish contacts in the field of education, clinics and science, organizational and information support activities of the university in the field of international cooperation, promotion of scientific, educational and clinical activities of the university among potential foreign partners, the implementation of negotiations with potential and current foreign experts, monitoring the implementation of the international activities of the University, the entry of KazNMU into international associations, universities rankings, promoting university staff in internships abroad. One of the most important issues of international cooperation is the organisation and conducting events aimed at the development of international student cooperation. Thus, on April 17-19, 2012 at the University was held an International Forum of Medical Students DOC (Development Opportunities Cooperation), the result of which was the opening of the International Association of Medical Students (IAMS). This association aims to bring together progressive students of medical schools not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. The students get together to create and provide conditions for a better integration of modern health education, consolidation of the international student community through the provision of social, cultural, scientific development of medicine and pharmacy students, promoting a healthy lifestyle through programmes, projects and other opportunities, initiating students participation in tackling the urgent problems in the world of medicine and prevention of their occurrence.
Each year, as part of the scientific conference on University Days is held an international round table which aims to discuss the issues of further action plans of partner universities. The partnership atmosphere promotes constructive dialogue; participants will discuss the issues of modern health education, innovation in the field of science and clinics, successful projects implemented on the basis of partner universities and etc. To implement these goals, the Department of International Cooperation carries out organisation activities and conducts negotiations with foreign partners on cooperation of mutual interest, which results in forming the necessary documents for the conclusion of contracts and agreements.
A meeting of students and teachers with the coordinators of the various international educational funds and programmes are held which enables KazNMU students and staff to improve their skills abroad. Asfendiyarov KazNMU staff and students are able to study by the programmes such as Junior Faculty Development Program, the Salzburg Seminars, as well as to have an internship in leading foreign organisations in the field of education, science and practical public health, to participate in international conferences, forums and seminars.
As part of the agreements, KazNMU students and postgraduate students have successfully visited the National Pharmaceutical University in Kharkov, Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg Faculty of Medicine (Freiburg University), Graduate School of Management in Barcelona, Xinjiang Medical University. For further development at University was opened a Virtual Centre of the Bologna Process (Office 205, 2nd floor, Administration) which deals with the issues of academic mobility, documentary support of foreign specialists and distance education.
Department of International Cooperation cooperates with all divisions of the University to establish international collaboration, monitors the implementation of international agreements with foreign partners, assists in conducting international events, as well as ensures compliance with the protocol of meetings with foreign delegations.

Membership in international organizations

Employees of the departments and units are members of international associations

  • ISN
  • IPNA
  • Russian Dialysis Society
  • Associations rheumatologists, nephrologists , endocrinologists , cardiologists , etc. Kazakhstan
  • the Association for Professionals working in the field of mental health RK
  • the International AIDS Society (International AIDS Society) , etc.
  • Member of the European Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology EAACI and a member of WAO ( World Organization of Allergists )

International cooperation department

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