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Rules of admission of foreign citizens

RULES OF ADMISSION OF FOREIGN CITIZENS IN RSE "KazNMU named. SD Asfendiyarov "ON bachelor (2016-2017academic year)

General Provisions

  • These Rules of admission of foreign citizens in the bachelor (hereinafter - Rules) in the RSE "KazNMU them. SD Asfendiyarov "(hereinafter - the University) are developed in accordance with the" Model Rules of admission for training in organization of education, realizing professional training programs of higher education "(ot19 January 2012 /111 as amended on April 19, 2012 ? 497)
  • The admission of foreign citizens to a degree at the University of undergraduate programs carried out under contracts with tuition paid by individuals and (or) legal entities in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • The admission of foreign citizens to specialty in accordance with direct agreements (contracts) concluded by the University with foreign nationals or organizations - intermediaries with payment of tuition fees and on terms determined by the rules.
  • The admission of foreign citizens to the University of specialty made on applications on a competitive basis on the results of entrance examinations conducted by the selection committee of the University with tuition paid by individuals and (or) legal entities. Admission is carried out within the number established by the license for educational activity of law, on the conditions established by annual rules of admission.
  • The University foreign citizens who have secondary general secondary (sredneeobschee), initial vocational (technical and professional), secondary professional (post-secondary), higher education (higher vocational) education.

Acceptance of applications and documents

  • Reception of documents is carried out c June 1 to August 10 of this year. For visa support to foreign nationals should be sent by e-mail (nivanchenko@bk.ru) at the University of passport copy indicating the exact home address, place of origin, region of residence, place of visa. The validity of a national passport from the candidate must be at least 2 years from the date of entry into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • A foreign citizen arriving at a degree of bachelor degree program provides: state approved secondary (full) general education or secondary vocational education, or a document of a foreign state on education, recognized as equivalent to RK state approved secondary (full) general education or secondary professional education; with the application (about the study of the subject with an indication of the number of hours and assessments on them) 2 notarized copies of the document on education and officially certified translation into Kazakh or Russian. Original identity document of the applicant and notarized copy. The translation must be certified by a notary or consulate of Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan in the country issuing the certificates. Documents on the average (full) general education, issued in CIS countries, do not require legalization (or stamp "Apostille"). Education documents issued by foreign organizations are in the process of nostrification in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the procedure of enrollment of persons during the first semester.
    All transfers must be made in the name indicated in the entry visa copy of an identity document supplied; 6 photos 3x4 (matte); medical certificate form 086 - W. The medical commission of foreign nationals held in educational and clinical center (OCC) RSE "KazNMU them. SD Asfendiyarov. " In the case of a foreign citizen information not corresponding to reality, the university has the right to return the documents to him, and expelled from the university made no return of funds.

Entrance Test

The University provides training in the following specialties


  • 5V130100 "General Medicine" - 5 years
    5B 130200 Dentistry" - 5 years
    5V110400 "Medical prophylactic business" - 5 years
    5V110300 "Pharmacy" - 5 years
    5V110100 "Nursing" - 4 years
    5V110200 "Public health" - 5 years
    5V074800 "Technology of pharmaceutical production" - 4 years
    5V050700 "Management" - 4 years
  • Admission of foreign citizens to the University for a fee based on the results of testing on disciplines "Biology" and "Chemistry", conducted by the University of the selection committee, psychological testing and interviews.
  • Tests carried out by a selection committee KazNMU August 10. Testing is conducted on subjects on school curricula in English or in Russian Examinations online from August 1 to August 10.

The cost of training foreign citizens

  • Price (base price) foreign nationals training approved by order of the rector of the University on the basis of Article 62 of claim 8 and claim 4 of Article 63 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education".

Check the hostel

  • Foreign citizens entering the University, provided a place in a hostel for the period of entrance exams and studying at university. Check in at the hostel begins on August 1.

Transfer of the students

  • Admission of foreign nationals to be taken in accordance with direct agreements (contracts) with them or with organizations - intermediaries on a fee basis, takes place from 20 to 25 August.
  • The order of the number of students enrolling in university rector issued after passing the entrance examinations, passing the competitive set (if the tender), registration of the contract on training with full payment of tuition fees for 1 year of receipt of payment to the University according to the agreement.

University Addresses

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